Hello! I'm Jenny

I'm a busy mother of four, and have been married to my husband, Will, for ten years. Most days, you will find me in my leggings and oversized sunglasses, make-up (if I'm lucky!), chasing my kids around the house, baking a blueberry pie, or cleaning up after our pet bunny. Crisp fall nights relaxing by the fire, making s'mores with the kids, and listening to Merle Haggard will always have my heart. 

My love for art began at a very early age. I have fond memories of handcrafting jewelry boxes from egg cartons on my grandmother's back porch, painting sweaters with my mom for Christmas gifts, and finding any excuse to make or photograph something beautiful. As long as I can remember, I've always been interested in anything that challenges me creatively. 

I value authenticity and strive to portray one key detail in every photo - sincerity. I appreciate hard work, a genuine spirit, and people who are passionate and purposeful.

It's so nice to have you here. Hang around for awhile, take a peek at my work, and if it speaks to you, please get in touch! I'd love to learn more about YOU!



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