Alyssa & Sam | Dayton Ohio Wedding & Engagement Photographers

Several weeks ago I hosted my very first mentorship ever, with Morgan Ingram. Morgan's husband contacted me around Christmas to book her a mentorship for Christmas, as a surprise---Seriously! What a good guy :) I've been contacted over the years about mentoring, but for the most part I haven't had enough focus enough energy---trying to keep  up with my work and the kiddos most of the time has me wondering how I'm surviving most days!

Morgan and I have been social media friends for probably 6 years or so. We used to live near her home town so it was fun to finally connect with her in person after all of these years! Her husband, Caleb, and their girls came along for a little bit and played with my kiddos at our house. 

Alyssa and Sam were so kind to model for the posing/on-location portion of our time together. The lighting that evening could not have been more perfect, so in-between shots with Morgan I was able to sneak in all of these beautiful film images!

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