Baby number 4!

I'm not normally a fan of posting images of myself [mostly because, honestly, I feel HUGE], but felt like it's time to make our official announcement for Jenny Haas Photography. For those of you who may not know--This week marks 18 weeks carrying little Haas number 4! We are so excited to be adding a new addition to our family at the end of January. I am finally starting to come out of the 24/7 nausea which is a blessing especially on wedding days! I am thankful for understanding brides [and grooms] who don't mind me pulling out a bag of cheez-its here and there on the wedding day- haha I wanted to make the announcement official so you all know. I have been getting inquiries for next year as early as March and wanted to fill you all in on my maternity leave. I am planning on taking a few months off so I'll probably pick weddings back up toward the end of March and start accepting sessions in June. If you have any questions please let me know!20140822-18-Edit20140822-50-Edit20140822-35-Editig2 3