Our adventures | California

A few weeks ago Will and I had the privilege of traveling to Southern California for Norb & Angie's wedding at Calamigos Ranch. We took a few days to explore before hand and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur. [Thank you for all of your suggestions on Facebook! I am so grateful we took your advice :)] The day we arrived we spent the first half of the morning in LA. We have been to LA several times so we tried to do a few different things since we didn't have much time there. Pink's is a restaurant we've seen on the Food Network station and it was so much fun to visit... The food was amazing! I am kind of partial to hot dogs topped with heaping cole slaw. I had mine Emeril's way. After we roamed around for a while [visited a really cool antique/prop rental place] we drove up the mountains to Griffith Observatory which overlooks the entire city of LA. It was breathtaking and one of those things you think to yourself "soak it up, breathe it in, because tomorrow or the next day you'll forget what it feels like to be standing here".  Since it was a bit of a hike we decided not to take the camera with us, so all we have are a few iPhone images. Probably something I'll regret, but I'll know better next time.


IMG_7260IMG_7262From LA we drove an  hour or so to Malibu to meet up with my friend Ayla, and her husband Joe for dinner and snuck in a quick session at Paradise Cove. [I am hoping to post their session soon!] It was so good to spend some time with them while we were in their neck of the woods, and an extra bonus to shoot on the beach.  After dinner we drove three hours up the coast in the dark with the plan of making it half way to Big Sur. The following morning we made our way to Hearst Castle ...one of the most beautiful places I have been. History has always enamored me, and it was a fascinating learning experience. We also stopped and saw hundreds of seals on the beach during their molting season. It smelled really bad..haha2014_5_8-CaliTrip-0302014_5_8-CaliTrip-0022014_5_8-CaliTrip-0282014_5_8-CaliTrip-0342014_5_8-CaliTrip-0062014_5_8-CaliTrip-1092014_5_8-CaliTrip-1212014_5_8-CaliTrip-0492014_5_8-CaliTrip-1272014_5_8-CaliTrip-1322014_5_8-CaliTrip-0992014_5_8-CaliTrip-0892014_5_8-CaliTrip-0622014_5_8-CaliTrip-0912014_5_8-CaliTrip-0532014_5_8-CaliTrip-0762014_5_8-CaliTrip-065The blue neptune pool was my favorite part. If no one was looking I would've jumped in :]2014_5_8-CaliTrip-1542014_5_8-CaliTrip-1502014_5_8-CaliTrip-1522014_5_8-CaliTrip-147 The drive up the coast was incredible. Since we only had three full days we spent the first day driving up through the Big Sur area and did a lot of hiking. We stayed in Monteray and ate dinner there that evening, then drove into San Francisco the next morning. 2014_5_8-CaliTrip-1762014_5_8-CaliTrip-1622014_5_8-CaliTrip-1922014_5_8-CaliTrip-189IMG_73272014_5_8-CaliTrip-1962014_5_8-CaliTrip-2092014_5_8-CaliTrip-2712014_5_8-CaliTrip-2742014_5_8-CaliTrip-2462014_5_8-CaliTrip-2512014_5_8-CaliTrip-223Venturing into San Francico has always been a dream of mine. I've seen so many beautiful images from this city and it was finally my turn to experience it. Arriving in the morning, we drove to the bridge first. It was so foggy you could hardly see it. [I know this is normal, but it was a little frustrating since I have waited for 32 to years to see it haha] We drove up the other side of the bridge hoping to see some part of it, but you couldn't even see your hand in front of your face the fog was so thick. We ended up driving into the city and explored China Town for a few hours, then walked down to the Pier where there was a market with ice-cream better then Jeni's [if you can believe it] and home-made ginger soda. My feet were happy that I bought tennis shoes at Target the night before because of all the walking we did! IMG_73562014_5_8-CaliTrip-3572014_5_8-CaliTrip-3282014_5_8-CaliTrip-296

2014_5_8-CaliTrip-3562014_5_8-CaliTrip-2982014_5_8-CaliTrip-2872014_5_8-CaliTrip-3352014_5_8-CaliTrip-2932014_5_8-CaliTrip-3002014_5_8-CaliTrip-325IMG_7380That afternoon the fog started to clear and we decided to go back up the mountains to get another view of the bridge before we had dinner. It was probably one of the best decisions made because we ended up running into a bride and groom just newly married who didn't have a photographer so I offered to take a few portraits of them. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever IMG_73882014_5_8-CaliTrip-394IMG_73902014_5_8-CaliTrip-4422014_5_8-CaliTrip-4752014_5_8-CaliTrip-433sanfran2014_5_8-CaliTrip-424We drove back to Malibu for the wedding on the other side of the mountains. Joe and Ayla were kind enough to invite us to stay at their place for a few nights even though Ayla was getting everything ready for the wedding since she was the coordinator and did the florals! She's a huge talent and did an amazing job bringing everything together. The morning of the wedding we found a park called Vasquez Rocks and walked around for a while. This was Will's favorite part of the trip since he climbed all the way to the top ... It's the simple things you know :] 2014_5_10-NorbAng-00342014_5_10-NorbAng-00022014_5_10-NorbAng-0027Since we didn't take our camera while we walked around San Fran, we took several images on our iPhones. I am a huge advocate of the iPhone. It's my second camera. Who cares about the ability to call people haha...blogblog2Follow along on Instagram: ig2 3