Kitchen Update

If you haven't heard we've recently moved into a big old house that needs quite a bit of work---One of the deals I made with Will before buying the house was that he'd re-do the kitchen first thing. He loved the house so much he happily obliged my request--well--until he started fixing it up I think! We had looked at several houses with beautiful up-dated kitchens but something about making a kitchen "mine" was really appealing--despite all of the hard work that went into it [easy for me to say because I didn't do much other than paint!] For the first three months we lived here it was pretty miserable--I was pregnant with Ben and having complications in my pregnancy [a lot of discomfort and pain] and other then the bedrooms we had one room in the basement we were living in [that had old brown paneling and was very dark] we ate out almost three times a day which started to get really frustrating after the first few weeks. For breakfast I would use the microwave to make oatmeal or warm up pop tarts--I am really glad that time has passed in our lives. Not to sound ungrateful--we are blessed even if all we had was a tent to live in :)

Since I've had so many people ask about the kitchen now I thought I'd share a few images! We still need to do some work on the concrete floor because the stain didn't hold like we thought it would--but I love what we came up with! Here is an image of the before--

Will worked so hard in this room---I am so grateful for every hour he and both of our dads put into it to make it beautiful.  As we update the rest of the house we are hoping to put wood floors in and will have an official dining room--for now we are eating in the kitchen! 


We purchased laminate counter tops that mimic the look of marble through Home Depot [this was recommended by the salesman because we kept the old base of the cabinets], The shelves Will  made and stained with golden oak, I found the Rug at an antique store, table and chairs are from Ikea, most of the dishes are from Homegoods. The paint color is Valspar in Bistro white, cabinet paint is from Sherman Williams matched in Bistro White. Subway tiles are from Home Depot--Appliances and sink are from Lowes and the range hood is from Ikea--Will also took out the drop ceiling and reworked the electrical wires and added recessed lights throughout the room