I recently started weight watchers [for the third time] I did it for the first time after I had Cash and lost 18lbs, the second time I did it right after I had Emmaline and lost 50lbs...mostly the baby weight I had gained, and got back to a size smaller then I was before I had her. I have never been a small girl, and never really cared to be a small girl, but I wouldn't mind being a little thinner [even if it's just to feel healthier in my own skin]. My sister's and I were all born with hips and there's no way around hiding them. I guess I've always chalked it up to "I was destined to have a lot of babies" haha..trying to convince Will of this may be another story! I've never viewed Weight Watcher's as a diet but more of a lifestyle, mostly just eating clean and having a few indulgences every now and then. It works for me. Last winter I gave up on eating the right way. I am not sure what triggered it, I fell into a deep black hole [one with lots of sprinkles and chocolate on the other end] I have been in a really big slump. Getting donuts for breakfast every morning or taking the kids to Mcdonalds isn't going to work anymore. [I know, it's completely fair for you to judge at this point..shame on me]

So naturally I've gained some weight.  18lbs of the 50 I lost after Emmaline to be exact. I have felt really discouraged, and not happy with my body at all. I buy clothes all of the time, wearing them once, hoping something will work. Then realize I really don't look or feel good in anything. For a long time I blamed it on my clothes, not the donuts. So here I am. Ready for change and already feeling so much better about the choices I am making. I have been drinking a smoothy every morning with bananas and strawberries and eating much less, and healthier during the days. [Not all the way there yet, but doing better and changing my attitude about things] With all of this said, I am about to post images from my trip to Jamaica last month. We stayed at an all inclusive resort which meant I ate three pizzas and five meals a day. As much as I enjoyed the time there, and being able to be a part of Megan and Nathan's wedding, I am glad to be home making some necessary changes. Not just for me but for my kiddos. Life is so much better for all of us when I feel good about who I am.

I am really not sure why I just wrote all of this, but here are a few images from my trip! I am going to try and get our closet cleared out for a garage sale we have coming up, and hoping to sneak in the latest episode of "Vikings" before Emmaline wakes up and Cash gets home from grandma's!

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Megan and Nathan [The bride and groom] are good friends with my sister Emily [my friends too!] and she was in the wedding so we traveled together. We had an amazing time and luckily the rain held off for the wedding! The last day of our trip my sister's boyfriend flew out [for one day] to propose. I was so happy to be in on the surprise. Emily isn't just my sister, she is one of my best friends. My family has been praying that the Lord would bring her the right guy at just the right time, and it's exciting to see it all come to pass. Honestly, I think Nathan might be even better then we were all expecting haha...We are excited to have him as a part of our family.

 I am ready to go back, but maybe next time with Will & a little more self control! Have a great weekend!20140304-EN-0027-Edit