PB&J faces, cheetos, new kitties, and our first year of school!

The past few weeks have been wild. Annie & Cash will be attending their first year of school, and this momma isn't quite ready for it. Maybe it's a little too late for that since the first few days have already come and gone.  I will admit, as much as I thought I'd cry a river, I didn't end up crying at all. It came as a surprise to me, but the opposite actually ended up happening. As I sat in Annie's class room surrounded by her new friends I soaked up the sights and sounds with her. All of the excitement and thoughts of new adventures made me feel like a kid again. Maybe it's wrong to live vicariously through your child, but oh boy. I can't wait to hear about all of her new friends in the making, music class, gym activities, and holiday parties! The first day I picked her up we were walking back to the van and Annie, holding Cash's hand exclaimed, "Cash! You are just going to love school!" Admittedly I smiled the entire way home. I guess it was a home run. While We are still getting into the swing of a new schedule around here [especially this mom who is NOT a morning person] as excited as I am for this little gal, I am going to miss her sweet, contagious, crooked smile and big blue eyes.

We welcomed a new furry friend into our family a month or so ago. I am still not clear on the name since Annie goes back and forth between Buttercup and Snowflake. I am rooting for Buttercup personally but sometimes I get called out on it . I grabbed a few shots of Emmaline and Cash the other day while Annie was at school...it's definitely a little quieter around here.

When she doesn't get her way. Listening to John Mayer, Paradise Valley [my favorite, Badge and Gun]

Hope you all have a great week!