It's hard to believe every year when Christmas rolls around--but it does just that. As much as I wish I could scoop my kids up and keep them small forever, at some point I will have to accept the fact that it's not going to happen. But for this year...this mom heart will keep on wishing. 

We will look back on 2016 as a really great year. Ben turned one, and took his first steps. He also learned the art of crawling out of his bed [just recently] but we will leave that hurdle for 2017 ;) He is always finding something to do or say that makes us smile--We all agree he is a joy to have around and has added so much to our family in such a small amount of time. 

Annie and Cash each lost several teeth, and they will both be starting basketball this winter. 

Cash turned 7 in June, and despite every effort to get him a bike for his birthday, he begged and begged for legos. While this is came as no surprise, I think next year there will be no option. He's getting a big boy bike. He played baseball over the summer, and has been excelling in school---with good grades in math and reading. He's a little too obsessed with Minecraft but we keep on eye on him, so it stays a healthy obsession [if that is a thing haha] He's skinny as ever, and truthfully it has me a little envious ;) 

Annie turned 8 this year. She loves art, and you will most likely find her with coloring pencils in hand, and a piece of paper, or a journal. That girl has probably gone through 50 journals this year. One by one she fills them up. She is a huge help with her little brother Ben. When she walks through the door after being gone, he gets SO excited to see her. I can imagine her as a good mom. She is caring and nurturing, forgiving and kind.

Everywhere we go, Emmaline, our blonde, curly-haired four-year-old is swooned over. Since she was a tiny baby we've heard "oh my what beautiful blue eyes" or "what gorgeous blonde hair" or "how cute" EVERYWHERE we go. It doesn't help that she's always trying to make friends. She has a very compassionate heart. We've had several friends in bad accidents this year, and she always wants to pray for them. She has many questions--some about life, some about God and the bible. Her favorite pizza is "mariums" and I don't quite have the heart to correct her on that one yet. 

2016 has also been a year of professional transitions for both Will and I. We've been learning out how to balance every day life with four kids, and all the jobs between us. Will was promoted to a supervisory position at work and he starts teaching at Wright State this winter. I'm so thankful I get to stand by his side. He does the dishes, and is a constant help around the house, and has patience with me when I need to work [and sometime shop ;)] I found myself in Colorado, FL and MI this past year. Our first family of 6 camping trip to the Sleep Bear Dunes was a big hit with the kids. Despite our tent getting flooded the second night, it's a trip we will never forget, full of firsts, and the kids are already begging to go back. 

Looking back on 2016, even the hardest days don't seem that difficult in retrospect. Considering all of my blessings, I'm so grateful for 2016. 

Merry Christmas Friends. May Christ's love and peace surround you this holiday season and always. 

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